This policy document governs the internal complaints procedure for Little Springers Gymnastics. For welfare concerns, please refer to the safeguarding policy.


Any complaints regarding the club, it’s members, coaches or officials should be sent in writing to the club welfare officer and committee. Should the complaint regard an individual welfare officer or committee member, this individual should be excluded from the communication. Complaints must not be distributed beyond these individuals and grievances should not be communicated publicly/on social networks. Failure to keep such matters confidential constitutes a serious breach of club policy.

Complaints should be as factual and precise as possible with as much information as is relevant for our investigation.


The club will aim to provide a formal response within two weeks of receipt. If urgent, action will be taken as soon as possible.

Subject to investigation of the complaint, the club disciplinary procedure can be used. If the complaint can be substantiated, all relevant parties will have a formal meeting with the welfare officer(s) and relevant committee members to discuss a development action plan.

Agreed outcomes will be written and signed by all parties with a monitoring period put in place by the welfare officer.

Should any member, parent/carer, coach or official feel that a complaint has not been adequately dealt with, appeals should be directed back to the relevant officials and welfare officer where the above process will be reviewed. Internal disputes that do not concern issues of safeguarding are not suitable for communication to British Gymnastics.

More Information

Can be found on page 49 of the British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy or from your welfare officer.