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Where are your sessions based?

Syston and Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

At what age can my child attend your sessions?

Our FUNdamentals session’s start from when children are walking.

How do I sign my child up?

Please get in touch via email, Facebook or our website to see if we have space in the class you are interested in.

Do you have a waiting list?

Most of our sessions have waiting lists which is why it’s important to contact us to register interest to avoid disappointment when turning up to one of our sessions.

Each individual class has its own waiting list so adding your details to as many that suit you will help reduce the waiting time.

We regularly review class numbers, however once a class is full we can only invite to the class once a member moves sessions or decides that they wish to leave the club. As a result of this waiting times do vary.

Can we try out a session before joining?

Yes, we offer a free taster session once a space is available which gives participants a chance to try out one of our sessions before deciding if they would like to join the club as a full member.

Can I watch the session?

To maximise the space for activity and minimise distraction, we operate our classes without parents/guardians staying to spectate. We ask parents to leave once they have ensured their child is happy and settled within their class, dropping children off and returning for collection.

In our FUNdamentals sessions parents/guardians participate alongside their child. This includes both our ‘Stay & Play’ and ‘Structured’ classes.

What happens after my child's free taster session?

You will receive a message from us to see if your child enjoyed the class and see if they would like to join the club. If so, the space in the session is theirs and they can return from the following week. The space allocated will be the same time/day as the taster session of which they attended.

How much are the sessions?

Our General Gymnastics sessions are £28.00 per month. The monthly membership fee covers both 4 & 5 week months as well as our annual two week break at Christmas, and our two weeks worth of club closures during the year.

Our FUNdamentals sessions are £21.00 per month. Our FUNdamentals classes now run term time only. The monthly membership fee will be amended by us automatically on months which include a planned FUNdamentals closure e.g. school holidays.

We offer various additional classes throughout the year with varying prices. This includes workshops & holiday camps. All members receive information regarding dates, costs and ways to book on as they are announced via email.

How do I pay for classes?

All club memberships are managed through an online payment system called Love Admin. Once you confirm your child would like to join the club we will send you further information so that you can create an account, fill in your child’s membership form and enter your payment details. We then request fees on the 1st of each month, for the month ahead (they make take several days to process from your account).

Are there any other costs? 

As a British Gymnastics affiliated club all members that attend our General Gymnastics sessions are required to have BG Membership. Parents/guardians will need to complete the process for their child as soon they join the club directly through the BG website:

The British Gymnastics annual membership fee is £19.00, but is reduced to £13.00 if your child is not yet in full time education. Each membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September.

Those attending our FUNdamentals classes are not required to have British Gymnastics membership as children participate alongside an adult.

What do participants need to wear? 

We do not have a uniform which participants need to wear to attend sessions with us. All participants are encouraged to wear what they feel comfortable in however we politely ask that nothing too baggy is worn that could get caught on any apparatus, and nothing too tight which may restrict movement such as jeans.

We would recommend that participants wear items of clothing such as gymnastics/dance leotards, shorts, t-shirts, joggers, leggings etc.

In the winter months participants are advised to arrive wearing layers of clothing, which they can remove if necessary after the warm up.

Optional club clothing can be purchased with our club clothing supplier Penny Crayon via their website: Members are able to both shop and pay online, arranging for delivery to home.

Gymnasts with long hair will need to tie it back during all gymnastics sessions and all jewellery must be removed (please see our Clothing & Jewellery Club Policy for more information).

What should my child bring with them?

All participants should bring their own drink along with them (no fizzy drinks) along with any medications if required.

At what time do I need to arrive to the session?

Participants should aim to arrive five minutes before their start time to ensure that the session is able to start promptly.

Are there changing facilities?

We ask that participants arrive ready to take part in their class. All venues do have toilet facilities if this is not possible.

What equipment do you have?

Both of our locations are stocked with gymnastics and safety equipment. Equipment includes Mini Apparatus, Springboards, Safety Matting, Trampettes, Floor Matting, various Training Aids and Inflatable Tumbling Tracks.

Do you do competitions?

To keep the emphasis firmly on fun and enjoyment, we do not enter competitions at any level. We allocate all of our timetable to those who wish to take part for one or two hours per week and signpost those who are motivated to compete to local clubs offering competitive training pathways.

When do I get to see what my child has been learning?

We aim to run yearly club events for gymnasts that attend our General Gym classes. The events are completely optional and offer those who wish to showcase their skills a chance to display their gymnastics in front of friends and family by performing individually, and typically include a floor routine, vault and trampette display. All children receive a participation certificate and we also give out some extra prizes for winners of our challenges.

We offer Performance Workshops during the year as an optional chargeable extra in Syston, where gymnasts from all venues and classes aged 7+ can attend. Those attending learn a group gymnastics and dance display routine which includes all of the skills practiced within club classes.  At the end of the workshop we invite parents/guardians into the gym to watch the show! All participants receive a Little Springers Gymnastics performance medal to celebrate getting involved.

We also have a Spring+ display team for those aged 7+. Participants are given the opportunity to perform at various displays throughout the year which includes performances at other gymnastics clubs and theatres throughout England. Please see our Spring+ section on our classes page for more information.

Do you offer an award scheme?

Yes, Little Springers Gymnastics has designed a new award scheme! Participants will receive their very own progress stamp chart with 6 levels of difficulty and 36 skills in total. More information is coming soon!

What do I do if my child wishes to leave the club?

Club memberships can be cancelled at any time via email or Facebook, however as fees are requested monthly members must inform us before the 1st of the next month of they would like to cancel their membership for the following month/going forwards.

We are unable to part refund, for example if a member decides to leave the club mid month, then they will be welcome to attend until the end of the month if they choose to do so.

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