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Each Little Springer receives an award scheme chart when signing up! Our award scheme consists of 42 skills, covering a wide range of activities in the areas of rolling, cartwheeling, vaulting, jumping, balancing, bending and tumbling. Spring-nasts take their charts home until they are advised to bring them along to class. This gives parents, family and friends the chance to take a look at what our members have been up to and the progress that has been made. Charts are predominantly stamped during the summer holidays.

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When will my child receive their chart?

All Springers will receive their chart when signing up to our classes, following their taster session. Charts are kept at home until children are advised to bring them along to a class. Replacement charts cost £2.00. 

When are stamps awarded?

We will let you know when it's time for your child to bring their chart in. Our weekly classes follow a busy lesson plan of activities and we want our participants to be busy springing as much as possible during their sessions. For this reason, we will predominantly stamp charts during the summer holidays, when our participants are happy to slow down a little, and we can allow more time for the process of stamping charts during sessions.

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What type of skills are included?

Our award scheme has a total of 42 skills, with 6 levels of difficulty (Level 6 being the most tricky!). The chart includes a progressive scheme of skills in the areas of rotating (rolls and somersaults), cartwheeling, vaulting, jumping, balancing (upside down), bending and tumbling (Walkovers, Handsprings and Aerial Cartwheels!), Springers will receive stamps on their charts once they can complete skills confidently and competently. 

Will my child get a certificate once they have completed a level?

Our charts include a 'stamp' side and a 'certificate' side, so once gymnasts complete a level we will stamp the level achieved on the certificate side of the chart. Parents can keep track of what skills and levels have been achieved and what skills their children are working towards, all on one A3 chart! If you have any further questions about Stamp Chart Award Scheme please get in touch!

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