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Bound to have fun…

Bouncing, spinning, rolling; children are already natural born gymnasts, so what better place to encourage them to further their skills than in a gymnastics club? At Little Springers, we provide a friendly environment for recreational gymnastics where children are bound to learn, and bound to have fun!

Supported by British Gymnastics, all of our coaches are suitably qualified at the level they are teaching and have undergone safeguarding training. We use varied training activities to teach the basics, developing proficiency in core gymnastics skills before practicing the popular skills that every child would like to learn! In any of our classes participants can enjoy using the inflatable tumble track, vault, springboard, trampette and the mini high bar for those who want to explore more of gymnastics on the apparatus.

Little Springers was set up to create more opportunities for children and young people to take part in recreational gymnastics as a hobby. We offer a general gymnastics programme where skills are taught in a fun and progressive way, with activities that can be simplified for beginners or made more challenging for those more advanced. We get children very excited about mastering new skills with our very own sticker chart award scheme.

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