This policy document, in combination with the British Gymnastic Equality Policy governs the standards of equal opportunity and treatment to be adhered to within Little Springers Gymnastics.

Vulnerable Members

Members with disabilities are particularly vulnerable and at greater risk of all forms of abuse. The presence of multiple disabilities increases the risk of both abuse and neglect. Some of the common factors that can lead to increased vulnerability include social isolation, communication and learning difficulties, lack of understanding of boundaries, need for assistance with personal care and more likely target for bullying and abuse.

These members have the same rights to protection as any other. Sessions involving vulnerable members require coaches and welfare officers to be especially alert to the signs and symptoms of abuse and have strategies in place to ensure all members are able to raise concerns.


Little Springers Gymnastics have a legal obligation to provide equal opportunity and equity of treatment to all its members. The club is committed to exceeding these standards.

  • Within the club, all persons must respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being and their right to self-determination.
  • All staff, members, volunteers and applicants are entitled to be treated fairly regardless of arbitrary factors.
  • In some cases, positive action may be required to address past inequality or under-representation.
  • The club will go as far as is reasonable to accommodate minority members, including those with disabilities. Where doing so would involve disproportionate cost or implementation, the club is not obliged to take further action.
  • Equality does not always infer equal treatment; each individual must be respected and treated in a way specific to that individual.


If anyone feels that the club fails to provide adequate equal opportunity and treatment, grievances should be submitted via our complaints procedure as soon as possible. The club will rectify any and all substantiated instances of unreasonable inequality.

More Information

Including our legal responsibilities can be found within the British Gymnastics Equality Policy or from your welfare officer.