This policy document outlines the safeguarding rules relevant to coaches of under-18 members.

Child Welfare

The welfare and safety of child members is the paramount consideration of all coaches within sessions and club activities.

The legal relationship between coach and child/vulnerable adult member is ‘in loco-parentis’ – coaches therefore have a duty of care over members within club activities. Achieving optimal safety involves adhering to standards of good practice.

Examples of Good Practice:

  • Always be publicly open when working with children. Ensure that a coach and an individual child or
    vulnerable adult can always be seen.
  • Always ensure there is at least one other responsible adult present at all times during training
  • Care should be taken when providing manual support (spotting). Recognised techniques for
    spotting should be used.
  • Treat all participants with respect and dignity.
  • Always place the safety and the welfare of the participants as the highest priority.
  • Behave in an exemplary manner and provide a role model for excellent behaviour within the club
    and at all BG recognised events/competitions.
  • Keep up to date with your knowledge and technical skills.
  • Do not exceed the level of your qualifications.
  • Respect the needs and wishes of all participants.
  • Recognise the stage of psychological and physical development of the individual and avoid
    excessive training or competition.
  • Motivate the participants through positive feedback and constructive criticism (without shouting).
  • Create a safe and enjoyable situation.
  • Maintain a written report of any accident, incident or near miss regardless of the injury together
    with any subsequent treatment or action.
  • Ensure all member of BG adhere to the codes of ethics and code of conduct and anti doping policy.
  • Do not take a child in a car alone accept in unforeseen circumstances (i.e. hospital).

You Should Never:

  • Take children to your home or other secluded place where they will be alone with you.
  • Engage in rough physical or sexual provocative games.
  • Allow or engage in any form of inappropriate behaviour.
  • Engage in any form of sexual related relationship with a child.
  • Make sexually suggestive remarks to a child or vulnerable adult – even in fun.
  • Reduce a child to tears as a form of control.
  • Allow children to use inappropriate language unchallenged.