As a condition of membership to Little Springers Gymnastics, parent(s)/carer(s) should fulfil the following to the best of their ability:

Getting To and From Sessions

  • Members must arrive five minutes before the planned start time of the session.
  • Children under secondary school age must not make their own way to and from sessions/events and should be dropped off in visibility of the lead coach(es).
  • Parents/carers are required to be present at the end of the session for children to be visibly taken from the club’s responsibility.
  • Should you be unable to collect your child at the specified end time, advance notice should be communicated to the coach(es)/club welfare officer. It is unacceptable to turn up late without prior notice bar exceptional circumstances.
  • Persistent failure to bring a child to sessions or collect on time may result in a meeting with the parent/carer andlub welfare officer.

Club Activities/Payment

  • Parents/carers should support the development and aspirations of their children within the club.
  • Should parents/carers struggle to be able to support their child within the club they are encouraged to contact the club welfare officers and committee outlining their difficulties.
  • Parents/carers must respect the qualification of their child(ren)’s coach and not attempt to intervene in the learning process unless there is reasonable concern for safety or welfare.
  • Little Springers Gymnastics operates an ‘open gym’ policy, subject to restriction of interference from parents/carers to club activities.
  • Sessions must be paid for in advance, before the required deadline in order for a member to attend.


  • Club policies must be read and agreed to as a condition of membership.
  • Children should be encouraged to read and understand club rules.
  • Parents/carers must take responsibility for the behaviour of their children should disciplinary action be unsuccessful.


  • All complaints should be formed per the guidance in the Complaints Policy.
  • Grievances related to the club, of any nature, should not be communicated publicly/on social networks.

More Information

Contact your club welfare officer for any questions or concerns.