Gymfusion (Display Gymnastics)

Little Springers Gymfusion classes are designed to improve rhythm, dance and acrobatic skills. Participants can enjoy piecing together sequences, getting a taste for team-gymnastics, and practicing group displays and themed routines! Focussing solely on fusing gymnastic tricks and flips with creative choreography, these classes offer children the chance to express themselves through movement and music, with friends beside them every step of the way.

Ages 5-7

Stepping in Time

Gymfusion classes for this age group include getting to grips with basic gymnastics floor skills and dance moves such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and a range of leaps, jumps and turns. As children begin to become increasingly familiar with the basic dance steps and moves, they will work as a group to piece together short sequences, stepping in time to music.

Ages 8-10

Movement and Memory

In this class, children will continue to build on their movement techniques and gymnastics skills through a mixture of floor and dance activities. As children continue to develop their movement skills and movement memory, they will be challenged with creative tasks set by our teachers, in pairs, teams, and large groups to themed music.

Ages 11+

Turning, twisting and tumbling

This session fuses together popular styles of dance such as Street, Jazz, and Contemporary, with popular gymnastics skills such as walkovers, aerial cartwheels and hand-springs. These sessions are focussed on having fun whilst practicing and performing rehearsed team routines with friends, in a lively and upbeat environment.