Ages 5-7

Natural-born Gymnasts

Bouncing, spinning, rolling – your children are already natural-born gymnasts. So to develop their physical skills in a safe and Structured environment, what better place to start than in a gymnastics club?

Fundamental skills

In our sessions for this age group, we introduce children to the core skills of gymnastics including rolling, cartwheels, headstands and handstands, springboard and landing activities, balancing activities on the beam and hanging exercises on the high bar. Oh, and not forgetting the opportunity for some weekly springing on our bouncy tumble track!

Getting a head start

The sessions are always energetic and entertaining, and while participants are having fun and making new friends, they’ll be getting a head start in the world of physical exercise. Once a term, gymnasts will have the chance to complete a new level of the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Award Scheme.

Ages 8-10

Core gymnastics skills

If children are new to gymnastics they can start with the basics and once they get to grips with core gymnastics skills, they can begin to practice increasingly impressive moves. In this age group, children will continue to work along the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Award Scheme.

Games & Challenges

We include various games and challenges at the beginning of these sessions, before children can jump into practicing and perfecting new skills such as one-handed cartwheels, dive rolls, circle-ups on the high bar, and transfer lessons learned on the floor onto the balance beam!

Performing skills

We think it’s important to give this age group the chance to perform and show off their new found talents, so we get the children to team up with their friends to work on making up their own routines, and finish off each session with the opportunity for children to demonstrate their skills to the rest of the class.

Ages 11+

Popular skills

These sessions are structured to give older participants ownership and control of what they would like to achieve each week, giving participants the freedom to pick and choose from a range of activities. Popular skills that gymnasts will be able to choose to work towards are back-handsprings, forward handsprings, walkovers, somersaults, aerial cartwheels, and a range of advanced skills on the apparatus.

Their time, their choice

Of course, if participants are new to the sport we can adapt activities to ensure everyone can progress at their own rate. Gymnastics is also an awesome way to work out, and participants are likely to leave each session feeling fitter, and feeling good. Whether participants would just like to attend to master a backflip, work on their fitness, or catch up with friends – it’s their club, their time, and their choice.