Freestyle Gymnastics is Gymnastics, but not as you know it.

Freestyle Gymnastics brings urban, creative, street-style gymnastics indoors, giving learners the freedom to form their own style, practicing and performing freestyle skills, flips, tricks and stunts across a range of equipment.

What is the difference between Freestyle and Free-Running?

Freestyle comes indoors in a safe environment and is led by qualified gymnastics instructors. We have a range of equipment that has been designed specifically for Freestyle Gymnastics, such as an inflatable Air Track, Wall Blocks, Vaults, a Mini-Trampoline and Ninja Steps to move, tumble and travel across.

It’s not about perfection…

We understand performing a Backflip is on the bucket list for many young people, so Freestyle is designed for participants aged 11-16 of any ability who are interested in the fast-paced, fun, thrill seeking side of gymnastics and want to learn, be challenged and given the chance to express themselves through a broad range of tricks.


Freestyle sessions are structured to give learners ownership and control of what they would like to achieve each week, giving the freedom to pick and choose from a range of Freestyle activities. Popular skills that participants will be able to choose to work towards are back-handsprings, forward handsprings, somersaults, aerial cartwheels, and a range of skills on Freestyle equipment.

Their time, their choice

Of course, if participants are new to the sport we can adapt activities to ensure everyone can progress at their own rate. Freestyle is also an awesome way to work out, and participants are likely to leave each session feeling fitter, and feeling good. Whether participants would just like to attend to master a backflip, try something they saw on the television, or catch up with friends – it’s their time, and their choice.